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The ForteRich traders are one of the most competitive traders in the world. Making the most profit on ForteRich is an admirable title, getting it takes time, brains and patience. You can copy any of the traders at ForteRich.

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Josephine Beng Lee
Average win Rate: 90 %
Step into the world of elite trading expertise with me, a seasoned professional Trader. Backed by years of experience and a proven track record of success, I offer unparalleled insights and strategies to maximize your investment potential. With a meticulous focus on market analysis, risk management, and strategic execution, I specialize in delivering consistent, long-term returns for my clients. Whether you're an experienced investor or new to the game, trust in my expertise to guide you towards financial prosperity in today's dynamic markets. Client base: I work with a verse range of clients with different races and I have over 2000+ students, clients and prospects spread all over the world

Commission demands: 15.2% and negotiable.

Account risk level: Experienced to give up to 90% wins and not more than 10% in negative trading result

Years of Experience: 9 yrs
Melissa Y. Aarons
Average win Rate: 85 %
Overview: You will experience peace of mind with my services as a licensed and overseen Trader. With a passion for financial markets and a commitment to integrity, I offer expert guidance and personalized strategies tailored to generate daily consistent income for you on the long term. Feel free to trust in my professionalism and enjoy the ease of collaboration as we navigate the world of investing together."

Client base: My diverse client base spans the globe, with a significant presence in key financial hubs such as the United States (40%), United Kingdom (20%), Singapore (15%), Hong Kong (10%), and Australia (15%).

Commission demands: Negotiable.

Account risk level: Outcome of negative trades can never exceed 4-8%.

Years of Experience: 6 years of professional Trading experience
Roger Patrick Algozo
Average win Rate: 93 %
Globally licensed and regulated trader with over 13 years knowledge in the market CRD#: 4197617.

General market Quote Fear of missing out (FOMO) kills when dealing with the market, majorly takes a proper control of emotions to win and make the best out from the market.

Client base: 1000+ clients mirroring and following live sessions to grow practically and improve general strategy in the market.

Commission demands: 10% of any profit made on account when trading.

Account risk level: You won’t loose more than 10% of trading capital mirroring and growing from my trades, no matter how bad the market gets, account capital cannot go below 90%

Years of Experience: 13 years
Nathalie James
Average win Rate: 90 %
As a licenced and regulated trader, my passion is teaching the next generation about the market and imparting all of my knowledge. I especially enjoy helping members who want to save for retirement develop at a healthy pace and increase their overall returns.

Client base: My Client base is a Global network 300+ clients following and live sessions and practically enhance overall market strategy.

Commission demands: 10.2% of any trading profits realised on the account.

Account risk level: There are no chances of a 10% risk. I give my clients the overall notion that Loses on Trades won’t exceed a 6%-8% margin.

Years of Experience: 4 years of Professional Trading.
Liam Duggan
Average win Rate: 87 % - 91 %
Let me walk you on the power of informed decision-making by being a trusted expert Trader by your side. With a wealth of experience and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique investment objectives and risk tolerance so bringing you closer to achieving your Financial Goals

Client base: All Countries mirroring my trades for efficient returns

Commission demands: 12%

Account risk level: With years of expertise, I offer not more than 10% in negative trading outcomes

Years of Experience: 5 years
Brian Walter C.
Average win Rate: 89 %
Join a select group of investors who benefit from the expertise and dedication of a seasoned pro Trader. With a focus on delivering consistent, sustainable returns, I offer personalized strategies and unwavering support to help you navigate today's ever-changing market landscape and earn the profits you want

Client base: Over 1000+ currently testify to positive results.

Commission demands: 12.2%.

Account risk level: 9.5% on a bad day

Years of Experience: 3 years
Troy Alexander
Average win Rate: 92 %
Take your trading to new heights with the guidance of a trusted professional Trader. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction, I provide strategic insights and personalized solutions to help you navigate the complexities of the market and achieve your financial objectives.

Client base: 800+ in Europe, 500+ in Asia, 100+ in Africa and over 600+ in USA & Australia

Commission demands: 18.8%. Negotiable.

Account risk level: 6%

Years of Experience: 11 years
Jonathan Edward Bowman
Average win Rate: 85 %
Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from working with a enthusiastic professional Trader. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and personalized service that I’ve gained from life experiences and my skill, I offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your investment journey and secure your financial future.

Client base: A good Rotation of clients and over 160+ students

Commission demands: 13%

Account risk level: 10%

Years of Experience: 11 years
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